Open Letter

imageIm in a relationship for exactly one year and ten months now, but im falling out of love. I dont know how i will tell you this so i’ll be writing what im feeling here, hoping that you’ll be able to read this. We, in a long term relationship tend to do things because we got used to it and i just want you to know that im so bored with out relationship already. I don’t want to be bossy or anything but please try to be spontaneous and exciting. Surprise me once in a while, take me on dates, cook for me, greet me on our monthsary & anniversary and INITIATE activities we can do together. I dont want gifts and expensive stuff, i want your time. I understand that you never did this to anyone before because im your first relationship but please understand me din naman and my needs as a woman too. Make me happy and reciprocate the love im giving you. Honestly, i dont love you that much anymore like i used to before. But it doesn’t mean i dont love you anymore, im not giving up on you. I just want to see you exert more effort to keep our relationship working.


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