20 Ways to Know You’re In A Long-Term Relationship

This kind of relationship please


1) Remember when you first started dating? You would hang onto each other’s every word as if it were scripture. Now, though, it’s okay to sometimes get distracted and be all like:


2) And the great thing is that you probably won’t get upset at each other if that happens. Because we’ve learnt to embrace each other’s weirdness.

you so cute monica friends

3) There may have been a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other every time you were alone…


But that time has long passed.


4) And a night in is really more like

couple lazy

5) But when things do get heated up, it isn’t as awkward as it was before.

Remember your first kiss?

awkward kiss

Yeah… well now at least it’s more like

ross and rachel friends kiss

6) And eating together is no longer a chore because you don’t need to pretend you’re more lady-like or gentlemanly than you really are.

chew like you have a secret

7) Now you can…

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