valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

…ways of life …so we will start
Each of us can tell here his way of life but more, the way he would like to live.
for example, I’m pretty happy with everything that I not did, because if I put to do everything that crossed my mind, the world would have expelled me… if not worse.
There are many, many things that I have done well, but almost all related to the bad …
and indeed,, I wrong so many things that were designed for the good…
all in all, there are also the really good stuff
Forty-five years I have lived a full life of loves and suffering, wars against myself, I hope I learned something, but who knows?…
I have infatuations as a writer, but what I do best and to read.
I write a lot, but often write bad…

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