WARNING: The contents of this blog is full of weird stuff, stupidity, and everything is non sense.

Please do not try this at home.

Once a upon a time, there was an Architecture student. Image

Back then she is jolly, but because there are too many plates, quizzes and assignments.. She became malnourished.


She is stressed, tired and exhausted. But she said “this is not right, i should be enjoying life cause YOLO!” So she thought of ways to bring back her joy and energy.



After 9182356854368543 years, finally she came up with an idea! She said “I will travel the whole black and blue and gray world. I will travel, eat, enjoy, and be merry like merry go around.”

So she went to Paris..


She went to all the amusement parksssss in the world to amuse herself..


She went to the beach..


She said “the dancing in the beach is boring, i’ll swim in the sea with all my brothers and sisters from another sea creature.”


Then she said, i need fresh air. Soooo.. she went to the spaceeee


She’s so inspired with Gru’s plan (Despicable Me)

Gru’s plan:

1. I fly to the moon

2. I shrink the moon

3. Grab the moon

4. I sit on the toilet

Sooooo. She grabbed the earthh!!! And laughed like this “BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA”


She was soooo happy but forgot one thing… her goggles. So she did everything again with her goggles on.



Because she enjoyed her day so much, she said “Come to plates, quizzes, and assignments. I’m ready!!!”


I’m not on drugs, i’m just kuhrazyy!!!


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