Instead of sleeping under my warm blanket in the middle of a rainy night, i found myself writing this blog because of him. I don’t know why but i feel like expressing what i feel for him here. Writing this for him means that he is very special to me. Meeting him is not like other love stories that are magical and stuff that falls in love at their first sight. But meeting him is like the waves in the ocean. The more i get to know him, hang out with him, look at him and listen to him.. i feel like he’s continuously hitting me with calm waves, slowly pulling me close to him not realizing that i’m already drowning.

The funny part is before entering college i said to myself that i don’t want to fall in love with someone because i want to focus in my studies. Well right now i’m afraid that’s not gonna happen. He’s my classmate and we’re taking up Architecture in Mapua Institute of Technology. The first few days when classes had started, I already saw him and i think i’m already acquainted with at that time. But i don’t talk to him that much cause i assumed that he’s a bully. It was Saturday and our last subject was AR101P, we had an activity we need to finish before class ends. I was rushing because all of them were finished and i don’t wanna be left alone in the classroom. So he sat down to an empty chair in front of me and that was the first time he talked to me. That same day was also the first time we went home together. That day was the start of my heart being attached to him.

The feelings we had for each other grew in an instant. Holding hands, hugs, stories, problems, family, friends, personal stuff and everything! When i asked him what else do you want to know about me, he said i know everything about you already. Everything happened in one snap. I’m not sure why and how but i’m glad it happened.  Out of all the guys in the class, i always felt cozy with him. What i liked about him? Can i say everything? Kidding :)) He’s tall and handsome. He’s good in sports like basketball and billiards, in dancing, singing, and he knows how to play the guitar. He’s smart (he came from the family of geniuses), good in drawing and math, he’s good in making friends, he’s diligent and he’s a good boy. He listens to all my kwento and he’s not passive, he has a sense of humor, he challenges and encourages me, he expresses what he wants and what he really feels, and he’s open. But there’s one thing i really appreciated about him, it’s the fact that he never had a girlfriend before. It may sound corny to people but for me that’s something really sweet.

I am Justine Ledesma, the girl who’s continuously falling in a never ending deep well named ———– . Every time he sings, i die. Every time he holds my hand, my heart stops. Every time he comes near me, my head’s going crazy. Every time he texts me, i smile. Every time he calls me, im on cloud nine. Every time he tells me i’m fat,  i’m sparkling. Every hour, minute, and second i spend with him, i feel blessed!


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