Bangkong 2010/11

After our Hongkong trip, i found out that travelling is one of my interests. So i went to buy tickets and boarding passes to Bangkok immediately!! I felt so happy back then. Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (กรุงเทพมหานคร, pronounced [krūŋ tʰêːp máhǎː nákʰɔ̄ːn] or simply Krung Thep. Of course airport pictures are important. But i never looked good in it 😦

Airport photo

Airport photo

Finally arrived at our hotel, Baiyoke Suites. It’s a good thing that they give complementary drinks to their guests!


A great way to start a day is to have your luxurious breakfast at the tallest building in Bangkok which is Baiyoke Suites.


 Of course we shouldn’t waste all our time eating! So city tour starts now 🙂 In Bangkok, you can meet a lot of friendly tourist guide there and their tours are also cheap. I recommend going on tour in Bangkok cause for me, learning their means of transportation is hard. Can you believe that the car we used for our city tour is BMW? Well i can’t believe it either. Welcome to the streets of Bangkok; named the World’s Best City by Travel + Leisure magazine’s survey of it’s readers for three consecutive years since 2010.


We went to Wat Pho. A Buddhist temple in Phra Nakhon districtBangkokThailand. It is located in the Rattanakosin district directly adjacent to the Grand Palace. Known also as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. 


I was amazed with these colored-filled and wonderful structures i found in Wat Pho.

163695_135247226535156_4761288_n 164501_135246173201928_723670_n

I found these cute Buddha and statue and of course i won’t let the opportunity to pass that i won’t be fooling around with these. Sorry, Buddha and statue. I hope you won’t get mad 😦

163418_135247476535131_1027570_n 163264_135247619868450_1591842_n

Then we went to Wat Intharawihan! And do you know that one of the main features is a 32-metre high, 10-meter wide standing Buddha referred to as Luang Pho To or “Phra Si Ariyamettrai” (Maitreya). It took over 60 years to complete and is decorated in glass mosaics and 24-carat gold. The topknot of the Buddha image contains a relic of Lord Buddha brought from Sri Lanka. Amazing isn’t it?? 🙂


Then, we went to Wat Phra Kaew in the Grand Palace. It is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.


And then, we went to Wat Arun or the “Temple of Dawn”. It is a Buddhist temple in the Bangkok located on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River. The temple derives its name from the Hindu god Aruna. Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand’s landmarks and the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence. Although we didn’t exactly saw the first light that reflected, we still enjoyed visiting it. By the way, we used water transportation to see this.

163947_135244769868735_3205811_n 36269_135244923202053_2400273_n

I also experienced feeding the fishes there cause they said that before we pass by this temple we need to offer sacrifices. We bought bread for the fishes and i believe they had a good meal.

36252_135245476535331_7014109_n 167250_135245443202001_4284781_n

 Bangkok’s temples are a unique part of the capital’s heart and soul. A visit here would not be complete without seeing at least two of them. Well for us, we just visited four temples/wats cause we’re not really interested. But we still enjoyed our visit in this temples. The architecture is awe-inspiring and the glittering decoration like no other. Imagine thousands of pieces of coloured glass and pottery adorned with intricate structures gilded in glaring gold. Amazing isn’t it?

The next day our family friends just arrived. So we decided to just go on a shopping! Shopping is also one of my favorite hobby!!! Bangkok is like heaven for us shopaholics cause shopping in Bangkok is a day-and-night activity that runs parallel with the best in the West, while also giving a flavour of the cultural uniqueness of the East. Everything you’ll need and want is there and can even buy it in a good quality with a cheap price, cause Bangkok is a famous shopping hub. After that we rested and had a calm and peaceful day at the hotel. Look how colorful our hotel is!




All dreams are not the same and all dreams does not always have happy endings. Except for Dream World!!! There wasn’t even a single moment that i felt sad or lonely in there. Dream World is willing to cater to you all the joy and happiness you’ll need. Just bring your family, friends and love ones here and i assure you that the day you went to Dream World will be your most unforgettable moment with them!

162776_135859006473978_7755245_n 167964_135859726473906_6262203_n 166097_135860266473852_6197420_n

First stop, Adventure laaaaaand! My favorite rides are here too. First, the super splash. If your gonna ride this thing, make sure to bring shampoo and soap with you. Why? Cause after riding this, you’ll feel like you took a bath already, with your clothes on. Super splash lives up its name. Second, is the Sky Coaster. Sky coaster is the ultimate out of this world experience!! You’ll feel like a bird when you ride this!


IMG_7758 163119_135861073140438_2080208_n

There’s an area in Dream World that has a lot of good sceneries where you can take good pictures. Unfortunately, they locked me up 😦 Kidding :))

165329_484280407794_4303936_n 163259_484280727794_7492368_n 168219_135864276473451_483351_n

We even had a chance to watch Hollywood Action live! And saw their guns, cars, and the place where the action took place first hand!! It’s soooo cool!

163724_484285162794_1252979_n 164051_135862123140333_754393_n

Of course you shouldn’t miss the Giant’s house where you can sit in their forks, lie down on there shoes, climb the beanstalk and enjoy looking around the big things you can see in a house.

Sitting on a Giant"s fork

Sitting on a Giant”s fork


If your going to visit Bangkok make sure you watch a kickboxing show or Muay Thai. Cause it is a combat sport from the Muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on foot is known as “the art of eight weapons” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fight very efficient. Are you ready for this? Cause this family is ready!!

166487_484271877794_6514690_n 167048_484264502794_1693683_n

Don’t forget to go to the very famous Floating Market. Do you know that a floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions. The Damnoen Floating market in Ratchaburi, Thailand is notable too.


Next stop you shouldn’t miss is the Elephant show’s and this awesome crocodiles.




And if you love shopping, don’t forget to go to MBK center also known as Mahboonkrong. Cause it’s a large shopping mall in Bangkok. At eight stories high, the center contains around 2,000 shops, restaurants and service outlets, including the 4-story Tokyu department store. The MBK Center management reports daily visitor numbers of more than 100,000, half of whom are young Thai people and a third foreign visitors. The MBK Center is popular with tourists, although the majority of shoppers are Bangkok residents. Knock off items can be found in abundance at this shopping complex, but prices are much higher than one would expect. Many stores selling authentic merchandise are also available.


The next day we went to Siam Paragon. A shopping mall in Bangkok. It is one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia. It opened last December 9, 2005, it includes a wide range of specialty stores and restaurants as well as a multiplex movie theatre (consisted of 15 large size theaters with one of them having the biggest screen and seating capacity in Asia) and the Siam Ocean World (Underwater world) aquarium (the largest aquarium in South East Asia)  It is a joint venture by Siam Piwat, the company that owns the adjacent Siam Center/Siam Discovery shopping malls, and The Mall Group, which also owns The Emporium. Siam Paragon has attracted large crowds since it opened, but financial results aren’t reported by the privately held Siam Paragon Development.



This place is so incredible that i even saw Lee Min Ho and they encourages people to be alive!!



This mall is soooo great that it satisfied my shopaholic urge. (Does it even exist?) hahaha :)) That jacket looks good right?


This mall is highly recommended for shopaholics!


First New year in other country. It’s true that all countries have different cultures, routines, and celebration. But still celebrated the New year in Bangkok, Filipino style 🙂

Thai people usually celebrates their New year with these people in the streets. I tried partying with them!!

Thai people usually celebrates their New year with these people in the streets. I tried partying with them!!

My lovable buddies.

My lovable buddies.

Ledesma familyyyy

Ledesma familyyyy

Filipino style

Filipino style

With these people around me, who wouldn't say i'm blessed?

With these people around me, who wouldn’t say i’m blessed?

MRT in Bangkok. Bye bye!!!

MRT in Bangkok. Bye bye!!!


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