Hongkong 2010

What does it feels like going to other country? When no one knows you, when people doesn’t understand what you say, and when you feel so foreign. These were the thoughts running through my mind the moment i heard we’re going to other country for vacation for the first time.  Riding the plane for the first time is something i will never ever forget 🙂

If there’s one thing you should know about my family is we don’t  join tours. We want to travel on our own so we make our own itinerary. When the plane landed the joy on our faces was wonderful and day 1 in Hongkong starts that day. We went to Peak Tram where the view was amazing! The view there is breath-taking and captivating! We also had a great time in the Wax Museum where we saw all the Amazing stars including Bruce Lee.

Day 2 comes. We woke up early rode the train to Hongkong Ocean Park. Because the park was sooooo big, we need to ride the cable car to go to the other side. And the view was amazingly scary. I personally love theme parks, cause i love riding extreme rides. These were some of my favorite rides in Hongkong Ocean Park. After tiring ourselves to death, we watched a show about the Obedient Seal and Trained Dolphins. And they were awesome!! They’re even better than me when it comes to choreographed dancing and obeying their trainer well for me obeying parents. After a long tiring day, we decided to ride a double deck bus. Since it’s my first time riding it, i took a photo with a swag attitude.

Day 3 was a lite day for us cause we were so tired when we went to Hongkong Ocean Park. Actually, we went on an Educational trip, cause we went to Hongkong Space Museum. Honestly, i learned a lot from there. I even saw the shoe that was used by Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. After that we went to the Avenue of Stars located in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was modeled after the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Then we had a peaceful walk along the Victoria Harbour and saw this cute and captivating cruise ship. At night we enjoyed the Hongkong’s shopping places and was able to eat street food there.

You’re too old for this and your too young for that, blah blah. If you go Hongkong Disneyland Resort, it’ll make you want to be a kid again. Going to Hongkong Disneyland Resort is probably one of the best day of my life! Space Mountain is the most unforgettable ride ever since we rode it for 6-7 times. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to experience it over and over again. Of all the lands i’ve been too, Tomorrow land is my favorite! Since my favorite ride is in it and almost all of my favorite Disney characters were in there too. Looking for lots of adventure? You can find it here, in Adventure land! You’ll also see Tarzan’s home in there. I believe when we went to Hongkong it was summer so the weather was freakin’ hot!! Good thing the parade was there cool our hearts and bring laughter on our faces.

Home bound.. How sad! Well, it’s a long week and good things always comes to an end. Hongkong trip with my family will truly be remarkable and memorable. The joy that my family and i experienced is priceless. These were some of our memories that we will always treasure. After this trip, i found my new interest and goal in life, to travel the world!!


4 thoughts on “Hongkong 2010

  1. wow,you have good time in Honkong,where is a heaven of shopping and food,although I work in Shenzhen next to Hongkong,I have never came to it!What a shame!I decide to visit Disneyland some day!Because I own a child heart

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