Two days before i graduate, before going to school, i sent a group message that states that we should LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST CAUSE YOLO! And that exact day something happened that i didn’t expect. The feeling of having a heart attack when the principal decided not to let you march on the graduation day. Happened to me, but thank God! Despite of what happened i marched, got my diploma, and graduated with confidence!
Congratulations to all the graduates! Especially to the students that were mocked saying that they won’t graduate, saying that they are “Sobrang tamad”, and saying that they won’t reach anything in life. Well, HAHA we graduated even though we are tamad, and “you” are wrong! And even though we experience failures, low grades and hardships LIFE GOES ON! Because grades won’t determine my future! God will! And i am sure that my future is safe in His hands. My journey in life doesn’t ends here so I will live my life with NO WORRIES knowing that God is in control.


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